Silver Ring Bands

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Silver Ring Bands


Silver Ring Bands - Silver is a great precious metal for Jewelry, many prefer Silver over Gold for the warm, natural feeling they get when they wear Silver Jewelry as well as a Silver Ring Band. Silver Ring Bands are reasonably priced and can be exceptionally beautiful pieces of Jewelry that can last a lifetime. Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA produces exceptional quality Silver Ring Bands that stand out from most others, they are made in the USA and you will appreciate the generous amount of Sterling Silver that is used in the creation of their American classics.

Silver Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company
Inlay Silver Ring Bands

Silver Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company

If you are one who appreciates quality, take a look at Silver Ring Bands by Durango Silver Company

Steling Silver Ring Band by Durango Silver Company Unique Silver Ring Bands

Above and to the left is a beautiful Silver Ring Band created by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. This particular Ring Band has a heavy Silver braid in the center outlined by a thick heavy beaded design and then finished off with wide bands of Silver. This Silver Ring Band is 10mm wide, which, is a fairly wide Ring Band - it does make a statement on ones finger when worn. This as well as all of the other Silver Ring Bands produced by Durango Silver Company are substantial pieces of Silver Jewelry that separates their Jewelry from others and most certainly the general Silver Ring Bands you will find in the open marketplace.

Tattoo style silver ring bands
Rock Art Silver RIng Bands

To the right is a very interesting Silver Ring Band that has an enchanting Southwestern ora about itself. This Ring Band has a beaded Silver design that uniquely circles around a heavy round Silver band. In person is is really cool and all the women want one of these Ring Bands for their collection. Silver is different that most metals used in Jewelry as it ages organically, it oxidizes and takes on an antique appearance and most Silver Jewelry owners really like this aspect in Sterling Silver Jewelry. The Southwestern style of Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Band Rings that are made by Durango Silver Company have deep recesses and/or stamping in the design that holds the black patina that is incorporated into the amazing style of Silver Jewelry.

Quality Silver Ring Bands

Multi Color Inlay Silver Ring Band
Deeply Stamped Silver Ring Band

Above is another example of the Silver work of John Hartman. John is a master craftsmen, he began his metal smithing at the age of eight years old when he worked for his father to become a Journeyman Machinist. He made everything from missile parts for Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico to making giant flanges that were use for the Alaskan Oil Pipeline. John went on in the early 1970's to become one of New Mexico's premier Silver and Goldsmiths heavily evolved in the new are of Southwestern Jewelry that has become world famous today.

John now works with his entire family to create some of the finest Silver Jewelry, including Silver Ring Bands, coming out of the Southwestern United States today. We invite you to watch the continuing evolution of John Hartman's Silverwork while he creates his new line of Silver Ring Bands, it is certain he will enchant you with his Silver Ring Bands from the American Southwest.

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Silver Ring Bands by Durango Silver Company

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